Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment Call Vancouver – Hollywood North

Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team agree that Vancover, British Columbia, Canada is still earning its title – Hollywood North. “We have worked up in Vancouver and have found the crew and cast members from there very professional and great people to work with,” said Mary Aloe, beginning this morning’s session with the Aloe Entertainment team. “Aside from their outstanding natural beauty, Vancouver’s main advantage is the expertise and talent nurtured here, a skilled workforce recognized globally. There, expertise stems from Vancouver’s deep industry ties, as well as its educational infrastructure — offering Film & TV development, production, marketing and distribution and more. With a long-established record for production excellence, the city is also especially well-regarded for its exceptional service industry. That’s from their website, and it’s true. In addition, with close proximity to Los Angeles, longstanding, stable and competitive tax incentives and government support, and a community that nurtures creativity, Vancouver is an ideal locale Film or TV production,” added Mary Aloe to her team at Aloe Entertainment.

Mary Aloe continued, “You might ask what the overall industry picture looks like in Vancouver.” An Aloe Entertainment team member had already gone to the Vancouver film and television website and found this:
  • Vancouver has a number of world class Film & TV studios located within its boundaries including The Ridge Studios in Maple Ridge
  • On average the city is home to approximately 30+ movies and 30+ TV series annually, as well as hundreds of other filming days for commercials, TV pilots and other features
  • Direct spending on Film & TV production in British Columbia (BC) totalled more than $2 billion in 2014 making Vancouver the 3rd largest production centre in North America
  • The industry has a strong balance of international and domestic production activity, with foreign productions accounting for three-quarter sent of total production dollars spent in BC. Meanwhile, many home-based studios work with strategic foreign partners on co –productions with the mandate to make quality, commercially viable feature films and TV shows for a global marketplace.
  • Access to high-quality, Film & TV events, festivals and conferences that attract a local and global audience such as the Vancouver International Film Festival’s (VIFF) Film & TV Forum, Vancouver Webfest and more.
  • Access to experienced post-production facilities that serve the industry by providing colour correction, composing, sound and other services.
  • Over 34,000 direct and indirect jobs are generated by Film & TV production in BC, with more than 80 per cent located in Metro Vancouver
Mary Aloe pointed out, “working in film and television means being part of a supportive industry culture. This includes a network of government agencies, industry associations, festivals, awards and professional organizations.” “And with 80 cents to the American dollar, you can save some significant money,” added an Aloe Entertainment team member who also found this on their website:
Film & TV productions can take advantage of government tax credit incentives such as the:
  • British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit – which offers Canadian, or international film and TV production companies with a permanent establishment in BC, a 33 per cent refundable tax credit on eligible labour costs.
  • Film Incentive BC Tax Credit – a labour-based tax incentive offering a refundable tax credit of 35 per cent to Canadian-controlled production companies
  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit – Provided by the Government of Canada, it offers a credit of 25 per cent of qualified labour to Canadian-controlled production companies, with a credit of 16 per cent of qualified labour costs to Canadian­ controlled production companies and those with a permanent establishment in Canada.
  • BC Digital Animation or Visual Effects (DAVE.) provides a tax credit of 17.5% on qualifying labour costs to production companies employing BC talent for post-production and sound.
Mary Aloe added, “And working in Maple Ridge has an added 6% tax advantage.” The Aloe Entertainment team broke into a cacophony of reactions to these incentives found in the Vancouver area. “Boy, you get more bang for your buck.” “I can see why Tomorrowland, Night at the Museum 3, The Twilight Saga, 50 Shades of Grey, Star Trek 3, and Planet of the Apes shot there.” “And Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Continuum, The Killing, and The Flash continue to shoot there.” Mary Aloe finished the session with, “and I like how green their industry is up there. All in all, with great exchange rates, close proximity to Los Angeles, the tax credits, and the talent; Vancouver and Western Canada are great places to shoot, have been for years.” An Aloe Entertainment team member concluded, “It is truly and continues to earn its stripes as Hollywood North.” Mary Aloe exited with a smile, knowing they got it.

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Mary Aloe Discusses the Successful Producer and Tax Credits

The team at Aloe Entertainment asked producer Mary Aloe about using tax credits and incentives. “Yes, excellent question,” Mary began. “Almost every state in the union, including the District of Columbia and many areas of Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver, have very generous tax credits and incentives to include pre or post production and filming in their territory. Aloe Entertainment has used these beneifts for the betterment of our projects.”

“Georgia and Louisiana are the most generous right now”, says Mary Aloe. Georgia’s incentives include:  20% transferable tax credit + 10% if production includes Georgia promotional logo in credits, or other negotiated placements, $500,000 minimum spend through single or multi-projects in single year, compensation included for non-residents, $500,000 cap; however, PSC, loan out or 1099 contractor not subject to cap. Recent filming in Georgia is the new Tom Cruise film, MENA; the new Tina Fey comedy; and the TV show, THE WALKING DEAD. One of the Aloe Entertainment team piped up, noticing, “Louisiana had FANTASTIC FOUR  and the new JURASSIC PARK movies, plus a Clooney movie and THE BIG SHORT with Pitt, Gosling, and Bale.” The Louisiana credits and incentives include:  30% transferable credit for in-state expenditures (Louisiana vendor), above-the-line resident and non-resident labor costs qualify, additional 5% credit for the first $1 million of each Louisiana resident’s payroll, $300,000 minimum spend, no annual or per production cap, tax credits can be certified and eligible for transfer after $300,000 spend, but before production ends, tax credits can be certified and eligible for transfer twice for free, then $250 for each additional certification, credits can be redeemed with the State at 85% face value, and credits can be used to offset corporate or individual Louisiana tax liability. The Aloe Entertainment team and Mary Aloe think tax credits are vital to an independent film budget or any film budget.

“These are but a few of the advantages to producing your film in various states, including California, and in Canada to optimize the use of your budget and make the best movie possible,” Mary Aloe said in closing to her Aloe Entertainment team.

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