Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

The Award and the Box Office: A discussion with Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment

The Aloe Entertainment team discussed the correlation between the award honored actor and the box office. “Very little for the actor, though probably a slight bump for a film”, says Mary Aloe. “If you are an actor, enjoy the nom or win of your Oscar or Golden Globe, but don’t expect more phone calls or more money. The correlation always come from the box office mojo of your last film or last few film and the international marketplace.”

It’s a question asked almost every year, but never changes. Mary Aloe points out, “You can be the apple of the industry’s eye for a bit, like Octavia Spencer was a few years ago; a great recognition for her performance, but the plum roles didn’t pop up very quickly afterwards. Same with Reese Witherspoon or Cuba Gooding, Jr. or … the list goes on, even today.” The Aloe Entertainment team wondered about the effect on the movie grosses.
According to the BoxOfficeQuant data, a Best Director win can bring an extra $11 million in revenue, though a Best Actress nod is worth maybe $2.3 million and a Best Actor statue is worth only slightly more than $1 million. Mary Aloe continued, “The Best Supporting Actor and Actress Oscars essentially have zero box-office impact.” “What about a Best Picture nod or the Golden Globe for a picture,” asked a member of the Aloe Entertainment team? “Awareness from a nom or win can help in marketing and b.o. success, but not necessarily,” Mary warned. Below is a chart from for last year’s bumps, that vary from 0 – 90%.

Movie Title                    Post-Nom / Percent    Post-Awards / Percentage
American Sniper               $316.6    90.5%         $29.9              8.6%
Selma                            $33.0     63.4%         $ 2.5               4.9%
The Imitation Game           $41.1     45.1%         $ 7.2              7.9%
Whiplash                         $5.1       39.1%         $ 1.8             13.5%
Birdman                          $11.2     26.4%         $ 4.6             10.8%
The Theory of Everything     $7.9      22.1%         $ 1.8               4.9%
Boyhood                          $943k      3.7%         $ 36.8k            0.1%
The Grand Budapest Hotel     n/a           –            n/a                -

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