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Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment – Independent Distributor Financing

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment explains that an Independent Distributor is a distributor who is not regularly or substantially affiliated with a major studio. They specialize in foreign distribution and most are members of AFMA (American Film Marketing Association). Although some have production divisions, they do not have the financial resources of a major studio. Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment explains that once submitting a project to an Independent Distributor, you must have some financing in place and be ready for principle photography. The reason being is that Independent Distributors do not have the resources to develop, produce, and distribute your project.

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment has found that the advantages of Independent Distributors are few. First, they can distribute smaller films. Second, you can negotiate a better deal, because you and the distributor are on the same level. Third, they will offer more personal attention to you, as well as, support the film. Finally, Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment sheds light that you have a better chance of receiving net profits.

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment recognizes that the disadvantages of Independent Distributors are that they have limited financial resources to put into your picture. This will impact the number of theaters in which your film will be screened. Also, Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment finds that you will have less collection clout with theater owners and overall smaller revenues.

Talent Agency Financing

Occasionally, you can obtain assistance in financing through talent agencies. A talent agency will package your film with two or more of their clients. Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment finds that they will do this primarily to increase their fee and the possibility of having the film being made. To ensure the success of the film, it is important to have the right package.

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment is fully aware that talent agencies will not fund the project outright. Some agencies will help arrange financing through their resources such as, below-the-line facilities deals, international co-production deals, foreign government subsidies and presale arrangements. Through talent agency financing, you have more financial choices, whereas with a studio, all financing is done through that one entity.

One stop shopping is one advantage to using talent agency financing. Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment recalls that through the agency you may acquire actors, directors, and possibly a distributor. From the agency’s point of view, this is not only good public relations, but it increases their chances of getting paid when the film is complete.