Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

MARY ALOE and ALOE ENTERTAINMENT talk about the importance of TRAILERS

You’ve got two minutes to impress people to share, click, hit, talk about, tweet about, post about, and ultimately buy a ticket or two or 10 to your movie. “It doesn’t matter if you are a micro-budget DIY-er or a multi-million dollar studio,” Mary Aloe recently shared, “those two minutes can make or break your movie and, maybe, your career.”  The team at Aloe Entertainment knows the importance of creating, editing, and marketing those two minutes is vital to the shelf life of a movie. Here are tips they believe will help you create the best first impression of your project. Find the:

  • Best things about your film




Beautiful Production Design (sets, costumes, locations)


  • Genre of your movie


Faith-Based / Inspirational
Action / Sci-Fi / Fantasy


  • Best reviews, festival information or awards your project has received
  • Possible use of narration to tell your story

“In a world….”
“Once upon a time…”

  • Great music from your movie or outside sources
“Remember,” says Mary Aloe, “you are creating excitement. It doesn’t matter if it is a sweet romantic piece, a thrill-a-minute action film, a jump-out-of-your-seat scary picture or a goofy comedy. Your trailer must zizzle with the film’s tone, breadth, pace, and genre, and have a flow very similar to the three act structure of your movie.” The Aloe Entertainment team goes into the movie finding moments, scenes, and even stills that inform the moviegoer all the elements of the above bullet list. Mary Aloe added, “It’s like producing another movie, only two minutes long.”

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