Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

ABK ENTERTAINMENT – a Full Service Production Company by Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment

ABK Entertainment is a full-service production company with over two decades of broadcast experience. In that time we have brought to market original scripted and non-scripted programming, compelling branded content and innovative storytelling with wide audience appeal.

Currently ABK Entertainment, has several reality shows in development that capture human drama, humor, and competition.

Mama’s Boy

Meet Noel “Speedy” Mercado. He’s 40-something years old virgin looking for love!. Speedy is a star of the #1 Hispanic morning radio show in America and has millions of fans. Hard to believe, Speedy still lives with his mama in the old Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up. Most of the guys he knew are long married. Everyone, especially mama, tells him it’s time to settle down but Speedy has yet to find the right girl.  **Currently partnered with Ish Entertainment.

MAMA’S BOY trailer (password=Speedy)

Throw Back

Throw-Back…The reality sports competition show. It’s not just about the game. It’s about the journey back to the game!! Each season we will be featuring rematches of the greatest grudge match games in history!

THROWBACK trailer (password=throwback)

Game of Clones

Until recently, Kaylan was a partner in one of the largest talent and events agencies in Vegas. But after a bad breakup with her boss, she decided to start her own agency. With a keen eye for superstardom and a bit of intimate relations with the talent, she’s signed on the #1 Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Prince and Britney Spears impersonators in America. These are professional musicians who train every day to perfect their craft. And they’ve worked damned hard to get where they are.

GAME OF CLONES trailer (password=clones)


ABK now offers an insert stage, webcasting, post-production facilities, and production office  spaces for us and our clients.

World of Wonder is currently filming “Million Dollar Listing” at our facility.


ABK offers turnkey production capabilities:

  • 5000 sf industrial facility w/private loading space and private parking
  • 20′ x 25′ green screen insert stage with full lighting & grip
  • 5 Editorial Suites 
  • 3 Motion Graphics Suites w/Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, Adobe 
  • Premiere, Cinema 4D
  • 100TB simultaneous digital workflow environment across all Graphic and Editorial Suites 
  • Voice over recording facilities
  • Production Office Space for client usage
  • High Speed fiber available both in and out of studios

Production Services

Let’s Get To Work

We create unique content and marketing solutions designed to enable the goals of our clients. We have been in business for 23 years supporting some of America’s best known brands, agencies and media companies. MediaPlace supports our clients as we create original creative content and digital delivery systems unique to our clients needs. We will work closely with you to create a dynamic solution to fulfill your needs and achieve your creative goals.


Full Service Live Action Production for TV, Film and Digital Complete editorial and post production 3D & 2D Motion Graphics Animation Creative Concepts, Scripting, Storyboarding and Collaborating Production of Custom Digital Networks – Concept to Fulfillment Engineering and Programming of Leading Digital Signage Software Music and Video Content Licensing Experiential & Social Marketing After-Market Services

ABK Entertainment Partners


Mary Aloe is a packaging producer. She just Executive produced Ten Thousand Saints starring Ethan Hawke, Emile Hirsch and Hailee Steinfeld that premiered at Sundance Film Fest 2015 after which garnered a great sale with Screen Media and will be released Summer 2015. As well, Mary has Wild Oats with the Weinstein’s is released this summer starting Shirley Maclaine, Jessica Lange and Demi Moore. As well Mary starts Mother Mary this summer with Lionsgate that she is producing and co wrote, The Ranch and Punjab Tiger.
However her background and first love is reality television. Besides the three shows in development Throwback, Mama’s Boy and Game of Clones, Mary produced Room 401 jointly with partners Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, premiering on MTV. Mary Aloe is also developing a bevy of reality series Geraldo, Susan Powter Show, Caught in the Act, Hard Copy, Current Affair over nine series for network and syndication.

Mary Aloe arranged financing and producer many critically acclaimed features were selected for some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. When A Man Falls In The Forest , starring Sharon Stone and Timothy Hutton, was selected for main competition at the Berlin International Film Festival and in the main competition for America’s South By Southwest Film Festival; Numb, starring Matthew Perry and Mary Steenburgen, was selected to have its world premiere in the Discovery section at the Tribeca Film Festival; and Battle In Seattle, a political action drama written and directed by Stuart Townsend and starring Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Ray Liotta, Channing Tatum, Andre Benjamin Joshua Jackson, Martin Henderson, Connie Nielsen and Rodriguez. Battle had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in main competition and had the biggest sale at the festival and is being multi-plat formed theatrically across America this fall 2008. Aloe’s other films include While She Was Out, a female action thriller starring Kim Basinger and Lucas Haas; executive produced by Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and jointly produced by Don Murphy (Transformers); and Tortured, starring Laurence Fishburne and James Cromwell , which was released through Magic Box and Sony Pictures. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever with LGE had its theatrical release in the spring of 2009. Aloe’s first feature film endeavor was in 2004 and entitled Downtown: A Street Tale, starred Genevieve Bujold and Domenica Scorsese and was released with American World Pictures.

Mary Aloe’s foray into the business began in television with producing over eight successful national reality and television talks shows. In 2001, Mary Aloe transitioned into long form television with Columbia TriStar and NBC with The Princess and the Marine, a MOW for NBC Television, the project, chronicling the true story of a Middle Eastern Princess who fell in love with an American Marine, generated so much excitement it incited the second biggest bidding war in television history ‘see Mary Aloe’. It then became the highest rated Movie of the Week that year for NBC. Aloe executive produced this made for TV movie with Columbia Tri-Star.

Mary Aloe has also affiliated herself with the top organizations in the entertainment industry. She is a member of the following guilds: WEN (Women’s Entertainment Network), American Federation of Women in Television and Radio, CAUCUS, Women in Film and First Weekenders Club.

Scott Kushner

Scott Kushner has been actively involved in all facets of advertiser supported media and content development throughout his career.

Scott Kushner is the founder of MediaPlace, a niche creative boutique designed to serve today’s evolving digital media landscape, producing and delivering video content across multiple network platforms since 1993 including television, mobile and online /social and at retail. MediaPlace clients include Panasonic, Foot Locker, Gillette, Mc Donalds, Barnes & Noble, Harley Davidson, MetroPCS, Indiana University Athletics, Nike & Degree amongst others. Client assignments include the development and distribution of both long and short form content as well as experiential marketing opportunities resulting in content driven digital campaigns.

Previous to starting MediaPlace Scott was a founding member of Point-of-Purchase (P-O-P) Radio, serving as Vice President / Programming & Production.  Scott was instrumental in POP Radio’s eventual growth to more than 16,000 retail locations across the United States including Safeway, Kroger, Rite-Aid and Eckerd among others. POP Radio was sold to Heritage Media, now a division of News Corporation.

Scott began his professional life at radio programming syndicator DIR Broadcasting. His responsibilities included creative development and marketing for such well-known network radio programs as “The King Biscuit Flower Hour,” American radio’s preeminent syndicated weekly concert series. Later moving to ABC Radio, Scott focused on the network’s long-form programming initiatives, which included “Casey Kasem’s American Top 40,” “American Country Countdown,” and “Rockline,” among other shows. During his time at DIR and ABC Radio, Scott was actively involved in productions with musical artists such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Duran Duran and Eric Clapton amongst others.

In addition to overseeing MediaPlace and its subsidiaries, Scott is an active board member of advertising industry philanthropic organization The John A. Reisenbach Foundation. Scott holds a BA degree from George Washington University and  resides in New York City with his wife Susan and son Max.

Vito Bruno

He is the founder of AM PM Entertainment Concepts. As the creative leader of this multifaceted, world-class entertainment company Vito has successfully produced, promoted and presented high profile events and content for the benefit of his clients.

Vito has been featured on over 75 high-profile local and national TV shows and in pre-eminent American and international publications. These include The New York Times, The London Times and New York, Details, Interview and Vanity Fair Magazines. Today Vito continues to be an industry innovator and an integral part of the film and music community.

His goal is to always be the first, the best or both.

Vito’s achievements include:
• Currently developing several TV projects.
• Executive Producer of “MARY” with Lionsgate Studios and Mary Aloe. Co-Producer of “Ten Thousand Saints” with Mary Aloe.
• Produced ongoing annual destination-events including Beatstock, Freestyle Free-For- All, Disco Ball (Taj Mahal,) Parti Gras, and Miracle on 34th Street.
• Produced more than 50 music videos.
• Consulted on several film projects.
• Bringing a little-known genre of music now known as Hip Hop from the Bronx to the main stream. During the same period he produced the first major performances by Madonna..
• Developing musical artists who have created over 50 #1 records on U.S. Billboard charts and sold more than 150 million records worldwide.
• Conceiving and creating the Outlaw Parties, which became the first Raves and grandfather to todays music festivals.
• Producing corporate sponsored cultural events including the Michael Jackson/ Pepsi Press extravaganza, CBS Air Awards, Coca Cola 100th Anniversary, Proctor and Gamble, and fashion shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and Norma Kamali.
• Partnering with major radio stations, Vito has produced sponsored promotions for the Puerto Rican Day, African-American Day, Cuban Day, Heritage of Pride and Halloween parades.
• Producing events featuring EDM – the hottest force in contemporary dance music. Event headliners have included Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmou5 and Victor Calderone.
• Presenting world renowned artists such as Run DMC, Madonna, Britney Spears, J Lo, Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera and LL Cool J.

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