Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe – Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment Call Vancouver – Hollywood North

Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team agree that Vancover, British Columbia, Canada is still earning its title – Hollywood North. “We have worked up in Vancouver and have found the crew and cast members from there very professional and great people to work with,” said Mary Aloe, beginning this morning’s session with the Aloe Entertainment team. “Aside from their outstanding natural beauty, Vancouver’s main advantage is the expertise and talent nurtured here, a skilled workforce recognized globally. There, expertise stems from Vancouver’s deep industry ties, as well as its educational infrastructure — offering Film & TV development, production, marketing and distribution and more. With a long-established record for production excellence, the city is also especially well-regarded for its exceptional service industry. That’s from their website, and it’s true. In addition, with close proximity to Los Angeles, longstanding, stable and competitive tax incentives and government support, and a community that nurtures creativity, Vancouver is an ideal locale Film or TV production,” added Mary Aloe to her team at Aloe Entertainment.

Mary Aloe continued, “You might ask what the overall industry picture looks like in Vancouver.” An Aloe Entertainment team member had already gone to the Vancouver film and television website and found this:
  • Vancouver has a number of world class Film & TV studios located within its boundaries including The Ridge Studios in Maple Ridge
  • On average the city is home to approximately 30+ movies and 30+ TV series annually, as well as hundreds of other filming days for commercials, TV pilots and other features
  • Direct spending on Film & TV production in British Columbia (BC) totalled more than $2 billion in 2014 making Vancouver the 3rd largest production centre in North America
  • The industry has a strong balance of international and domestic production activity, with foreign productions accounting for three-quarter sent of total production dollars spent in BC. Meanwhile, many home-based studios work with strategic foreign partners on co –productions with the mandate to make quality, commercially viable feature films and TV shows for a global marketplace.
  • Access to high-quality, Film & TV events, festivals and conferences that attract a local and global audience such as the Vancouver International Film Festival’s (VIFF) Film & TV Forum, Vancouver Webfest and more.
  • Access to experienced post-production facilities that serve the industry by providing colour correction, composing, sound and other services.
  • Over 34,000 direct and indirect jobs are generated by Film & TV production in BC, with more than 80 per cent located in Metro Vancouver
Mary Aloe pointed out, “working in film and television means being part of a supportive industry culture. This includes a network of government agencies, industry associations, festivals, awards and professional organizations.” “And with 80 cents to the American dollar, you can save some significant money,” added an Aloe Entertainment team member who also found this on their website:
Film & TV productions can take advantage of government tax credit incentives such as the:
  • British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit – which offers Canadian, or international film and TV production companies with a permanent establishment in BC, a 33 per cent refundable tax credit on eligible labour costs.
  • Film Incentive BC Tax Credit – a labour-based tax incentive offering a refundable tax credit of 35 per cent to Canadian-controlled production companies
  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit – Provided by the Government of Canada, it offers a credit of 25 per cent of qualified labour to Canadian-controlled production companies, with a credit of 16 per cent of qualified labour costs to Canadian­ controlled production companies and those with a permanent establishment in Canada.
  • BC Digital Animation or Visual Effects (DAVE.) provides a tax credit of 17.5% on qualifying labour costs to production companies employing BC talent for post-production and sound.
Mary Aloe added, “And working in Maple Ridge has an added 6% tax advantage.” The Aloe Entertainment team broke into a cacophony of reactions to these incentives found in the Vancouver area. “Boy, you get more bang for your buck.” “I can see why Tomorrowland, Night at the Museum 3, The Twilight Saga, 50 Shades of Grey, Star Trek 3, and Planet of the Apes shot there.” “And Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Continuum, The Killing, and The Flash continue to shoot there.” Mary Aloe finished the session with, “and I like how green their industry is up there. All in all, with great exchange rates, close proximity to Los Angeles, the tax credits, and the talent; Vancouver and Western Canada are great places to shoot, have been for years.” An Aloe Entertainment team member concluded, “It is truly and continues to earn its stripes as Hollywood North.” Mary Aloe exited with a smile, knowing they got it.

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The Boxing Movie with Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment Team

Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team were discussing at a company July 4th picnic the return of the boxing movie. Mary Aloe pointed out that there have been about 46 boxing movies over the years, some of which have done extremely well critically, financially, and are award-winning, as well. An Aloe Entertainment team member, watermelon in hand, started singing the ROCKY theme. “Rocky IV, III, and I have each garnered over $110M in the last 30+ years and the first outing for Sylvester Stallone won the team a Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Editing kudos from the Oscar gang,” added Mary Aloe. Big stars, such as Will Smith, Paul Newman, Robert DeNiro, John Wayne, Christian Bale, James Earl Jones, and Daniel Day-Lewis have lent their talents in a boxing movie. “Hilary Swank won the best Actress Oscar and Golden Globe for MILLION DOLLAR BABY in 2005″, an Aloe Entertainment team member reminded the group. Yes, “Mary Aloe included, “and a SAG and many critics awards. GIRLFIGHT, with Michelle Rodriguez did very well, too.” “Yeah, it’s definitely not just a guy pic,” one of the Aloe Entertainment developers added. 

“This year, we will see the release of HANDS OF STONE, with DeNiro, SOUTHPAW, with Jake Gyllenthal, and CREED, a spinoff of the ROCKY pictures, bring back Stallone as the trainer to Apollo Creed’s grandson,” said Mary Aloe. “And the WHIPLASH kid, Miles Teller, is making one for a 2016 release, BLEED FOR THIS, a team member at Aloe Entertainment added, “that guy can’t get away from bleeding hands.” “Did you ever wonder why boxing movies do so well, yet boxing matches are losing their appeal,” asked Mary Aloe to the Aloe Entertainment team? Everybody loves and underdog!
Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team have partnered with Mass Hysteria to bring a terrific boxing story to the screen next year called PUNJAB TIGER. It is based on the true story of an Indian man, to be played by Prem Singh, who is banned from the sport of boxing because he wouldn’t compromise his religious convictions and stood up for his rights. Prem Singh is also the co-writer of the screenplay along with his partner, Michael Pugliese, who will also play an important role in the movie. Mary Aloe, president of Aloe Entertainment stated, “I am very pleased to bring Daniel’s expertise and skills to our prestigious project. I look forward to partnering with Dan on many projects in 2015 and onward. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

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Mary Aloe Talks to the Aloe Entertainment Team: Producer or Executive Producer, Which Do You Want to Be?

Mary Aloe walked into the development bullpen today to discuss….”Producer or Executive Producer, which would you rather be?” The Aloe Entertainment team took turns choosing. “Executive Producer – just come up with the money or the star and sit back,” said one Aloe Entertainment team member. Mary Aloe looked at him and replied, “Good to know you have deep pockets and important connections. Anybody else?” There were murmurings in the Aloe Entertainment development room, but no one wanted to speak up. “Let’s get some terms straight, shall we” Mary Aloe continued?

According to the Producer’s Guild of America, a producer initiates, coordinates, supervises and controls, either on his own authority, or subject to the authority of an employer, all aspects of the motion-picture and/or television production process, including creative, financial, technological and administrative. A Producer is involved throughout all phases of production from inception to completion, including coordination, supervision and control of all other talents and crafts, subject to the provisions of their collective bargaining agreements and personal service contracts. “That is what I mostly do on our projects,” Mary Aloe continued, “produce. I oversee and/or create all the aspects, both creatively and financially, for each project.” An Aloe Entertainment team member piped in, “A lot of stars or agents tend to become Executive Producers to protect their or their client’s interests in a film, isn’t that correct?” “Yes,” Mary Aloe answered, “many times that happens. They want a little more control over their image and the creative content of the film. But generally, an Executive Producer deals with the budget only and is a major financial backer of the project.” The Aloe Entertainment team learned that some Executive Producers are more in touch with the project than others on a day to day basis. “Some are just in it for the investment,” added Mary Aloe at the Aloe Entertainment headquarters in Beverly Hills. “Think of it this way, on most projects,  the Executive Producer is the CEO and the Producer is The President of the production.”

“But who gets the Oscar,” asked one of the Aloe Entertainment team? Mary Aloe laughed and said, “funny you should ask, the Academy just set some new rules.” According to Denise Petski at, The Academy’s Board of Governors has approved new rules in its Best Picture category for producer credits for the 88th Academy Awards. To qualify as a producer nominee for a nominated picture, the producer must have been determined eligible for a Producers Guild of America (PGA) award for the picture, or must have appealed the PGA’s refusal of such eligibility. Final determination of qualifying producer nominees will be made by the Academy’s Producers Branch Executive Committee. The rule changes were approved last night at the Board of Governors’ meeting. Mary Aloe continued to the Aloe Entertainment team, “Of course, any picture is a team effort and all are duly compensated and credited, but on the night the statue is handed out, the Producer is the one. He or she will probably be gracious and invite the other producers up, but the Producer is king or queen that night.” Mary Aloe and the Aloe Entertainment team continued discussing the roles of the various producers in a film project, but that will be the topic in another discussion for another blog on another day.

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